What We Do

Our Main Services

Who We Are

Company was founded with the desire
to help other client to its queries.

CARD Receipt is a customer support for credit card payments. We are a BPO of credit card payments support service provider and we provide services for more than 1,000 clients globally.

Since its established, the company has been offering top-quality credit card payments support service for clients around the world. We currently provide support services to client in the United States and Japan. As we continuously expand our services and clientele, our team keeps working towards our goal to become a global scale credit card support.

Our mission

Evolve your business with payments

Our company offers a variety of payment services. Even if it is a payment service, the optimal method is completely different depending on the service type. Since there are various payment services, we will propose the most suitable service according to the customer's service form and situation.

Core Values

Providing added value through cashless payment

The fintech industry is evolving day by day, but with the introduction of payment services, the effort can be significantly reduced. There are many benefits to our customers by introducing a payment service. In addition to improving efficiency, there are various benefits such as sales and attracting customers. We would like to provide the value by looking ahead to what lies ahead, rather than simply reducing the effort